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  1. Erschreckt ist euer Volk. Fallen wird euer König. Hoch ragt unsere Fahne. Feind ist euch Odin. (Lied von der Hunnenschlacht) –
    Euch geht es noch viel zu üppig…

  2. Forrest Gump: In the land of China, people hardly got nothing at all.
    John Lennon: No possessions?
    Forrest Gump: And in China they never go to church.
    John Lennon: No religion too?
    Dick Cavett: Ah. Hard to imagine.
    John Lennon: Well it’s easy if you try, Dick.

    Some time later, that nice young man from England was coming home to see his little boy, and he was signin’ some autographs when, for no reason at all, somebody shot him.

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